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Adam - Plight Club founder

Plight Club started from a place of anxiety and not being able to show one’s true self. Adam suffered from anxiety bouts for as long as he could remember but, at the start of 2019, one was so bad he lost a lot of weight, slept about 10 hours in a week, and even turned a grey colour! Something had to change. As a business growth consultant Adam encourages people to try new things in order to grow their business.

Plight Club is about - rebelling against staying the same, saying 'forget this' to that inner voice holding you back, and showing up as who you truly are...
Start discussing the art of being vulnerable by gaining an understanding of what's actually happening when we feel vulnerable, a different perspective on emotions and a few practical exercises to deepen their connection to their life and those around them. Why not also provide your people with a foundational understanding of what's actually happening when anxiety strikes plus tools and tips to turn the uncomfortable feeling into a signal for direction and personal growth.

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