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Lizzy Edwards

Sound healing and guided meditation, womb healing

Lizzy Edwards has a career of over 15 years in the music industry, so she understands the pressures of living and working in a fast-paced environment. Six years ago, it took a burnout and hitting an energy wall to take Lizzy down the healing route to manage her own stress and anxiety, leading to her training in yoga and meditation. Now, she’s an unstoppable force when it comes to helping others and is a trailblazer in all things wellness.

Lizzy now offers womb healing, a practice she trained in having gone through her own healing journey in this area. To do this, she uses the tools she’s been trained in which include food healing and natural remedies.

In-person offerings
Shamanic womb massage focuses on the breath and abdomen, going on a deep journey of healing via massage, sound healing, guided meditation and yin yoga. Womb massage is specific for those who suffer from negative symptoms with their menstrual cycle, helps to support against fertility issues and is an amazing natural addition alongside fertility treatments. This combination of healing rituals is incredibly supportive for those going through trauma around miscarriages or termination and is great for helping people through the menopause.

Lizzy provides online and in-person support for those navigating life and work alongside the tricky times that can be presented to those with a female body.

Online offerings
Sound healing and guided meditation.

Other offerings (online and in person)
Bite size workshops on anxiety, stress and productivity
Panel talks (host and guest)

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