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Lisa Nash

Fitness Expert

When we look after ourselves physically it has been proven to also inspire us to take care of ourselves both mentally and emotionally. Lisa Nash fitness is not just about losing weight, building strength and toning up, it is about providing a platform that will take the customer on a journey towards holistic transformation.

Lisa is a TV personality best known for her striking performances in ‘Sucker Punch’ and ‘Dead Cert’. She has been a TV presenter on many big named fashion and music industry. Lisa became most well-known following her time presenting the fabulous Club@vision in the late 90’s. Lisa is also renowned amongst the celebrity world for her role as a body coach and their go-to personal trainer. With a level 3 in PT and over ten years’ experience, and used her experiences and tried and tested methods to create her own Lisa Nash fitness programs, designed to support every shape and size to reach their own personal goals. Lisa wants to make fitness and nutrition accessible and affordable so that everyone can up their game and start to make positive changes to the way that they feel.

Lisa understands the impact exercise and nutrition can have on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Having gone through her own issues with lack of confidence she uses her vibrant and down to earth approach to help her clients to adopt a mindful approach to nutrition and exercise. Lisa is the full package; she has the expertise to provide world class body coaching and she has used this experience to create her Lisa Nash fitness program. With her unique humour and engaging personality, she is an excellent presenter and has the ability to capture an audience and bring an energy to the space that is both motivational and infectious. Making exercise and nutrition fun, easy to access and something you can’t refuse!

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