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Emma Marshall

Holistic Health and Wellbeing Practitioner

Emma works with clients 1-1, delivers workshops, webinars and events dedicated to teaching people about the different modalities of holistic health and how we can implement them into our day to day lives.

Emma is also a content creator and blogger, sharing information on holistic health modalities through social media to educate, empower and inspire people when it comes to taking control of their health and wellbeing.

Emma's journey and understanding of holistic health started due to her own serious health problems. For years Emma suffered with supposedly random and chronic physical health problems, but the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her and her tests were always normal. She eventually became seriously ill at the end of 2018 and so she started to research the alternative medicine field for more information on what could be going on and why she felt so unwell. It was here that she discovered about environmental illness and toxicity. After finding a functional medicine doctor to test her, she was diagnosed with toxic mould poisoning from black mould in her home, which in turn severely impacted her immune system and left her unable to fight off various bacterial, viral and parasitic infections as well as other systemic issues. After spending 3 weeks in an integrative hospital in Mexico receiving treatment, Emma explored all avenues of alternative medicine to aid her healing process. She found that the mind, body, soul approach to health and wellbeing was absolutely fundamental for her recovery. After a year of dedicated work to rebuild her body, Emma was given the all clear and continues to thrive. She decided to put her new found knowledge to good use and went on to study her Naturopathy diploma and she qualified with a distinction in February 2020.

She is now fully insured and qualified to work with clients as a naturopathic practitioner, implementing different tools and techniques to support your mind, body and soul through modalities such as nutrition, herbalism, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, detoxing, energy medicine, gut health, lymphatic health, trauma and emotional tools, breath work, meditation, movement and sound.

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