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Dr Mark Cox

Understanding burnout

Dr Mark Cox is medical doctor on a mission to empower people with evidence-based tools they can use to help them feel better.
With a large and ever growing social media following under 'TheStraightTalkingDr' he has provided his followers with easily digestible and accessible information with an emphasis on Lifestyle Medicine and Mental Health.

After completing his medical training in 2018 Mark has worked across various hospitals in the North West of England and London. While spending time on the frontline fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in both Intensive Care and the Covid wards of Manchester, Mark noticed that there was a need for useful and practical insights when it came to the world of medicine and mental health. Thus 'TheStraightTalkingDr' podcast was born, a space where guests could share real-life stories and their unique perspectives.
Mark currently facilitates sessions on 'Understanding burnout and evidence-based ways to prevent it' in an effort to help us better understand the science and reasons for burnout, so we can change our behaviours to prevent it. During these sessions Mark takes you on the journey of understand the process your body goes through when experiencing burnout in order to hack and counteract these biological processes.

Topics covered with 'TheStraightTalkingDr';

- What is burnout?
- The physiology of burnout
- Autonomic Arousal
- Stress response cycles
- Importance of prevention
- Preventative steps we can take
- Breathwork (+ short breathwork practice)
- How to look after our minds

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