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Our incredible community of wellbeing experts are the heartbeat of Work Inspired. We are proud to work with the industry’s leading talent in mental health and wellbeing, company culture and personal and professional development. 

Our passion and commitment to your wellbeing and success is at the forefront of everything we do. Together, we can help you and your people avoid burnout and be the best versions of themselves. 


Kim Murray
Janine Green
Lizzy Edwards
Emma Marshall
The Cuddle Club
Andre Berry
Jake Mills
Marsha McAdam
Peter Larkum
Sanisha Wynter
Emi Howe
Jon Salmon
Jo Love
Lauren Silver
State On Demand
Adrian Garcia
Danny Rahim
Dave Chawner
Juliette Burton
Morning Gloryville
Geoff McDonald
Tom Middleton
Marina J
Chevy Rough
Laura Hearn
Chris Hemmings
Tom Pinchard
Hope Virgo
We Are Boogie Sound
Lisa Nash
Fight Klub
Sanchia Legister
Kalie Jade
Le'Nise Brothers
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